Hello and Welcome!

After a decade of selling in person to collectors and boutiques, and considering creating a website for many years, I’ve finally done it! Stranded Jewels is now available online, and I’m very happy to share my love of gemstones and jewelry with you.

The challenges we have all faced this past year have allowed me to dive into new creative projects. My time spent at home over these past several months has afforded me the opportunity to circle back to why I started Stranded Jewels, Inc. in the first place. The stones I hand select continue to be inspired by my deep appreciation of nature’s gifts of form and structure, the sand and sea, moss on beautiful rock formations, mountains, and blue skies with big puffy clouds. They continue to excite me and allow my imagination to travel with color and texture to create my jewelry.

I’m looking forward to the new year. Lots of hope and encouraging horizons are just around the corner. I feel it!

I am so proud of my new website and I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have enjoyed the process of bringing it to life. Be safe, be careful and remember to never leave home without your jewels!

Looking forward to meeting you.


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