About Stranded Jewels

Founded in 2000, The Stranded Jewels Collection is an eclectic mix of semi precious gemstones, fine metals and 18K gold findings. The collection is an ongoing process of fine jewelry design that reflects everyday elegance. All of the materials used for these creations are hand selected from in-person sourcing, with an emphasis on stones that are ethically sourced and have no unnatural enhancement. The inspiration is often spontaneous, sometimes serendipitous and the selection process is akin to purchasing fine art. The end result is a one of a kind design for a woman who appreciates impeccable quality, as well as unique and natural gemstones.

The opulent and natural elements from planet Earth have been my inspiration since the inception of Stranded Jewels. Through my travels to many parts of the world I have discovered the effect different climates have in creating unique and vibrant colors of nature. Mountainous terrains, beautiful seas with turquoise blue essence, shells and rocks that have gathered on shores that are millions of years old, serve as continuing influence in my design and development process.

The stone selection is very personal and integral. It is important that the stones evoke a visceral feeling. The smoothness and sensuality of an un-faceted stone can create a feeling of comfort, whereas the beauty and luminescence of a faceted stone also speaks to the deeper properties.

“Like a sculpture, painting or a photograph, it is important that the gemstones ‘speak’ to me. I love the feeling of putting on a necklace with the cool temperature connecting with the heat of the body, making you and the necklace feel as ‘one’. It is my goal to create that same feeling when a client puts on one of my designs; warmth, comfort, beauty and that wonderful earthy feeling.”

– Cindy Lustrin, Founder and Designer, Stranded Jewels Inc.

Meet The Designer

Cindy Lustrin’s love of jewelry began as a child, rummaging through her grandmother’s jewelry boxes. Her dream was to one day be able to wear those found treasures. This youthful desire evolved to designing jewelry that would evoke the same fascination and wonderment in others.

Cindy began her journey in the world of fashion and beauty at The Fashion Institute of Technology, where she studied Cosmetic Marketing. She worked at Estée Lauder and soon after discovered she was drawn to more creative pursuits. She enhanced her skills and enrolled in classes at Studio Jewelers Ltd. in New York City. Designing jewelry became her full time passion and profession.

Cindy’s one of a kind gemstone collections have been showcased in some of the finest jewelry and clothing boutiques throughout New York State and Connecticut, where she has been a top selling and sought after designer.

When she’s not sourcing stones or designing jewelry, Cindy enjoys travel, hiking and rock collecting - always searching for the “diamond in the rough”, she is affectionately called the “rock whisperer” by her close friends and family.