Our Opal and Green Tourmaline earrings from the new Stranded 2 Collection were featured in a recent post, “Opals are the Easter Eggs of Gemstones,” by Brittany Siminitz, a writer for JCK, a jewelry industry media company. In addition to covering the industry from all angles, JCK showcases well-known jewelry artists as well as up-and-coming designers. At the suggestion of Metal and Smith, a company whose mission is to bring emerging artists into the public’s awareness, I submitted the earrings for consideration and was thrilled that they were selected.

Opals have a rich history of folklore and fact. Folklore: The Romans believed them to be good luck and a symbol of hope. In the Middle Ages opals were known as the “eye stone” due to the belief that they were vital to good eyesight. Blond women were even encouraged to wear necklaces with opals to protect their hair from losing its color. Fact: Did you know that when an opal is in a cool temperature, it’s not at its most colorful? But put on a piece of opal jewelry and thanks to your body heat, it will start to become more vibrant and colorful.

My love of opals has its own history. If you are a baby boomer like me you might recall getting a piece of opal jewelry back in the 70s—I still have the opal earrings I got for my Bat Mitzvah! Then, as always, they were prized for their kaleidoscopic color, from dark and mysterious to light and joyful (Geek alert! Read all about it!) Today, these stunning stones, 95% of which come from Australia, are experiencing a renaissance in popularity thanks to their incredible ability to give off a luminous glow—one that’s especially striking on dark colored clothing. I love designing with them for many reasons, but most especially because they’re so versatile and pair so well with a myriad of different colored stones.

Be sure to check out our selection of beautiful opal jewelry and see for yourself.